This game sucks! A Cheeser's dream game. The worst NBA 2K game ever made.

User Rating: 10 | NBA 2K17 (Legend Edition Gold) PS4

I purchased the game just so I can play MyTeam and Online game mode. NBA 2K17 for PS4 is the worst version ever made. If you like playing games where EVERYONE is a cheeser and just chuck 3's all game, then this game is for you. No matter what defense setting you chose, the CPU is so rigged, you can't even enjoy a game online.

MyTeam mode is horrible. There's like 6 different versions of Lebron James. They even have an 80 rated Kevin Durant. Since when has KD ever been rated 80 in anything?

Graphics for this game is perfect, game play is terrible. This is not a next gen game, you are better of saving your money and play the PS3 version.