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Hey guys, I plan on hitting the pro-am hard once they fix the glitches in a week or 2. Looking to have a group of 10-15 active guys so we can play every night as a full 5 man team. We currently have 1pg, 2sg, 1pf. So big men would definitely help, but we are open to any position joining as long as your skills are legit.


- must have/be willing to use mic to chat in group on PSN during game.

- must be 19+. Everyone on the team is adult, and we'd like to deal with adults, especially since we're all gonna mic up.

- must be very active. If you aren't playing 4 nights a week you aren't active enough.

- must have the skills. You should know if you're skilled or not lol, we'll find out pretty quickly (we will wanna play some mypark or mycourt games before having anybody join.

- must be a team player. Not looking for ball hogs, we want to be trying to get a wide open shot every possession, ball hogs end up taking shots in coverage. They also just aren't fun to play with. Especially in a 5 man game we need to share the ball to keep everyone happy.

- not required, but would be cool if you are at, or willing to switch to sunset beach as thats where we all play out of so far.

- must get the GroupMe app (This is a free messenger app. We all chat & keep in touch on there, great way to talk about things & easily organize games)

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED - Email me, or message me on GroupMe - / message me on psn - TheMainEvent