Couple Roster Editing Questions in Career/Owner/GM Mode

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I am considering buying NBA 2k16 but wanted to clear up a few things since there is no College Hoops 2K anymore which was an integral part of my experience (being able to export players from college to Pro). The last version of the game that I owned was 2K8, which I found to be pretty perfect and would still be playing had my old PS3 not crashed and lost all my data.

So the main questions I have:

  • Can you edit player ratings in career mode (both for your team and for CPU teams).
  • Can you make trades for CPU teams (similar to NBA 2k8)?
  • I know that you can create a draft class, but can you download a generic one and then edit the player names/appearances/etc.?
  • After the draft takes place within a career, can you take a computer generated player (from a generic draft class) and change their appearance/college/name/ratings once they are already in the league?
  • Also, how many players does each draft class hold?

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.