Your Teammates F*cking Suck, CPU is Michael F*cking Jordan

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Is it just me? Am I the only one who plays MyCareer and experiences this nonsensical heaping pile of sh*t game after game? I play on Hall of Fame, because any lower is for men with holes in between their legs. Every game, I swear, Steph Curry is growing more and more orange pubes on top of his head, because he looks like Brian f*cking Scalabrine taking a wide open jump-shot. I play good defense on my man, even play good help-side defense, but it doesn't f*cking matter. Dion Waiters is Michael f*cking Jordan. Kirk Hinrich (traded to the Cavs) is hitting turn around fade-away 20 f*cking footers with consistency. I get double teamed and pass to Steph Curry for a wide open 15 footer and it barely hits the f*cking rim. Time and Time again. Chandler Parsons (traded to my team) misses wide open jump shots. Some 2k created 71 overall rookie on the other team is hitting double teamed, highly contested hook shots from 15 feet out. There's literally no hope. The other team might as well bring the ball up and punt the son of a b*tch of half court, its going to drop through the f*cking net. Every game I play, the cpu team shoots at least 60%. Sometimes even in the 75% range. What's the f*cking point. Is it just me? It seems like you could be the best f*cking player in the United States and still not be able to win a game in MyCareer on Hall of Fame. If I was playing against Curry, he'd be tossing up 30 ft jumpers that are so perfect they barely even touch the f*cking net on their way through the rim, but he's on my team, so he can't hit an wide *ss open f*cking lay-up. Player attributes mean nothing, all that matters is if the player is on the human's pathetic team, or the cpu's roster full of Jesus Christs. This game f*cking sucks.

Thank you for your time, have a nice day.