Not bad

User Rating: 7 | NBA 2K14 X360
This game was pretty good. I loved the OFFLINE association, but I think things you can do in offline you should be able to do in online. For example, three way trades or pre draft workouts, or even player morale and roles. The my career sadly seemed a lot like 2k13. The interviews were the same, and the graphics looked unchanged. When playing, the players are constantly too far under the basket or behind it on the baselines so they have to shoot over the backboard, which is frustrating when your guy is wide open. The players step out of bounds way too much and goal tending is called way too much. I also think that if you create players, you should be able to fix their loyalty and what's important (play for winner or financial security). I like to create players and find it gay how after a season or two the teams are not even close to original because they are all not loyal and just go where the most money is. I also think in online associations 2K14 should come up with their own draft class of REAL prospects so we are drafting guys we know in the draft rather than random people that don't even exist. I also think it should be possible to spectate other players games in online leagues. There was a time me and my buddy went into 4 overtimes and my friends online could only watch the score. It would be so much better if they could watch the game as it's actually happening. The LeBron mode was so fricken ridiculous. I'm not a lebron fan and I had to gag when I saw they had that mode. I liked the mode in 13 where u could play as any NBA player. I also think that users in an online association should be able to participate in all star weekend (dunk 3pt, etc,) especially if one of their players is actually in the contest. I expect this to be fixed in 15, but many times when we got to the conference finals in online associations, the league simmed automatically to the offseason, and when free agents come, it goes past that before anyone can sign free agents. So for the negatives, I think you should be able to make created players loyalties, online associations should be made exactly like offline associations, (if not better) some problems in gameplay fixed (goaltending and shooting over the basket), spectating other players games, and other things I mentioned above. But don't let this stop you from buying 2k14 or future products. Aside from this, 2k14 was great and I was happy with it a majority of the time. I was glad to see crews back and all and all, this was a pretty good game.