Best Videogame Basketball Experience

User Rating: 8 | NBA 2K14 PC

Best Videogame Basketball Experience

NBA 2K14 is the only good basketball game out there and first of all, I have to admit that it's really good. You have to know, that I play NBA 2K14 on the computer, which means that I don't own the next-gen version of the game. So, in this game you play basketball in different gamemodes. It's a good variety of modes avaible and even though it's actually the same over and over again, it's entertaining - a lot.




The game is really fun. The're a lot of gamemodes, the amazing sound and great graphics lead to a realistic and authentic basketball experience. It's not easy to get used to, not really a game for beginners but once you got used to it, it's huge fun and you can spend so much time with this game. It's fun for experts, but for beginners, because you can either use complex tactics in your gameplay and play with custom set pieces or you don't - it both works. You have a lot of possibilities and no attack looks the same. It's always really intense and probably one of the best games to play against your friends.


If you either don't give up too fast or are used to NBA 2K, I'd really recommend this game to you, because it's a lot of fun. One tip - if you have a next-gen console, buy it there, because it's even better with more gamemodes and a presentation, that is as real as reality.