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User Rating: 10 | NBA 2K14 X360

NBA 2K14 On The Xbox 360 (With An HDMI Cable)

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Notes to remember for the review

  • game quality

  • game modes

  • music

  • graphics

  • controls


  • graphics are amazing

  • players have right features

  • courts are realistic

  • amazing player modes

  • fun to play with other people

  • cool background music


  • okay foul calls

  • lack of dream team

My choosen product name is NBA2K14 it is a fun basketball video game that will keep all NBA fans on their feet with this high compact NBA action.You can play career mode or franchise your choice.But if you are an ultimate fan you should also get Xbox live you can be updated on who is playing who with quick game mode.

Anyone that loves the game of basketball should have this game to play on a rainy is very simple to play just hold x and let it go after a while to shot A is to passthe right stick is ment for tricks the left stick is to move. The bottom R is to run faster. Y is to to block X is to steal.And there is 2013s top music as the background music and game comeinterry. There is also jew dropping Graphics that look real life that will give you the best game you can play.And last but not least you are allowed to replay and save all your greatest moments and if you get an amazing dunk in you will have an automatic replay with the spotlight on you with everything around you grey. This is one of the many things why you would love NBA2K14.