Best NBA Video Game Ever

User Rating: 10 | NBA 2K14 XONE

I would consider myself an avid fan of NBA games. I have purchased one every year since NBA Live 2004 with Vince Carter on the front cover. I loved playing them year in and year out and come NBA 2K10 switched over from the Live series and have followed them since.

I was lucky enough to get the next-gen version as apparently there are considerable differences between current and next gen. This game is by far the best NBA game every made. MyPlayer is an actual story. Something I want to play day in and day out to see how my player finally progresses to the starting line up or how that movie deal I made pans out at the box office.

So far the game dynamics have been perfect. Previous 2K games were glitchy and the graphics were sub-par compared to the Live series, but 2K14 stepped it up big time. They fixed almost all the issues I came across in the past and made things ten fold better. It is one of the greatest looking game son the XONE so far and I get excited every time I see the players step out on the court.

Do yourself a favour and get this game!