NBA 2k14 Wishlist

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My Career: -Different voices/ accents to choose from. We have had the same voice forever literally. -More customize able player. -Be able to have tattoos on WAY more parts of body. Legs, hands, knuckles, fingers, chest and more different tattoos even borrow from player tats that they already have to do for the player models if you have too. Its been the same tattoo loadout since 2k7 with a few new ones. -Hair is the same: More different styles. There already is an extensive amount of different hair styles but why can't we wear brandon jennings faux hawk? Like tattoos its already modeled just export that layer and bring it into the list of hair options. Facial hair too whats wrong with more if the work to model it on character models has already been done? Maybe to make it a new feature cause live is in a deadstall. -Not charging VC for accessories Need I say more. Seriously. -Player Attributes Speed and quickness need to drastically change your player and especially on fast breaks keeping certain players i. e. centers from catching up to u. -Ability to Set Ticket Prices If/when you become the franchise player it would be nice to let you have some of the reigns of the franchise and let you have more of a say. -Shoe Deal If/when your player becomes a top ppg contender or highly touted rookie you should get approached by a few different shoe companies and have to decide on one (Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Under Armour) as an example and have to choose for how long and how much money and have a new signature shoe EVERY year. -Ability to talk trash Talk trash after hitting a big shot over big name players and have it effect your players popularity positively or negatively. -Post season atmosphere My biggest gripe with my player feeling realistic has been that the post season feels like the regular season with only playoff or finals game logos slapped on the court. The crowd should be much more active and involved with reactions to plays, calls, fouls etc. Also player reactions need to be toned down. My player winning game 1 of the first round should not be as excited as winning the championship. -Controls The controls are smooth. The dribble stick addition was great for streamlining the controls but the delay on defense sucks. I hit the steal or block button and 2 seconds later my player responds and ends up way out of the play because of it. I shouldn't have to account for the delay. -Signature Animations Great addition but would be cool to have more for different moments or quarters of the game. Like if i hit a game winner over lebron or other key players i would do a certain animation of my choosing to taunt them. Feel free to leave more suggestions below. Extra: 2k does an amazing job at working hard and coming out with a game every year and an extremely detailed nba simulation is hard to create and is asking for A LOT so i will look forward to any revisions or changes they have made next yr.
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-Blockable Dunks: We NEED blockable dunks back. It is way too annoying when I've got Ibaka down low with Nate Robinson coming in and he takes a single quick step to the side, gets a moment of a clear lane, then goes up for an unblockable dunk (which goes THROUGH Ibaka's hand). I dont need it to be as common as it used to be, I understand that it's hard to block a dunk, but still. When you have position, and height, and you get the timing right, there should at least be a chance. -Celebration Stick: You could put it on the d-pad, cuz nobody really calls plays. Plus there's other ways to do playcalls. Anyway here's how I see it: Left: Small "Positive" Reaction Up: Big "Positive" Reaction Down: Small "Negative" Reaction Right: Big "Negative" Reaction So, let's say you hit a sweet jumper. You can: + Press left to high five a teammate if near one, or a fist pump if you're not + Press up to do a chest bump (or you can unlock unique celebrations), but if the play wasn't big enough, your teammate won't celebrate with you, and you're teammate chemistry will go down. + Press down to point at the defender and taunt a bit. + Press right to really get up in the defender's grill on the way back down the court. You could also react to bad calls or no-calls. For example, if you get an over the back call late in a close game and you have the ball, you could press right to chuck it into the stands. Obviously, a tech would follow. Also, if you're Emotion stat is too low and you try to celebrate, you can get a tech. In 2k13 Emotion was utterly useless. But, this way, it would be a bit important, cuz it would allow you to celebrate without getting a tech. Which leads me to my next point... -Technicals. I would love to see MWP or Garnett fly off the handle about something and get ejected. Especially if their team was getting blown out in the playoffs. Players are sometimes just way too emotionless in 2k13. -D and Summer Leagues. It would be cool to see the D-league and Summer leagues come back. Also, with the addition of European teams, it might be possible to eventually add in whole european leagues that players could play in to work their way up to the nba. At the same time though, they should make D-league, Summer league, European leagues optional for players who wanna just jump into the nba. Lastly, and most importantly... -MyPlayer Balance. What I mean is, let's say you wanted to make a Stephen Curry-type player. All you have to do is get your 3 rating up and your Shoot in Traffic up, and by the All-Star break of your first season you are averaging 36 points a game with over 70% fg pct. (True Story) But if you want to make a Dirk Nowitzki-type player, you have to get Mid Range, Close Range, Shoot in Traffic, Shoot off Dribble, Ball Handling, Ball Security, Block, Defensive Rebounding, Vertical, Stamina and at least a bit of Pass and Free Throw. I understand that the second build should be harder and take longer, cuz you have more skills and more versatility, but different play styles shouldn't absolutely dominate over others. All in all, I'm excited to see what 2k brings this year, and I'll probably be happy with it even if it's just a roster update (although i'll be a bit disappointed).