Best basketball game ever, I'll even call it the best sports game of the year

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA 2K13 PS3
It's hard to describe 2K12 in words, from presentation, awesome soundtracks, insanely realistic graphics and gameplay, having owned 2K11, and occasionally played 2K12, I'll boldly say 2K13 is way better than both, and more game modes to last the whole year. The only down side though is still the crappy menus. You still have to move the analog stick right/left for it to pop up, and it's difficult navigating through. The gameplay however has improved from 2K12 and with the right analog stick now used solely for dribbling, you have more control over what skills you do like cross overs, spins, etc. makes the dribbling more realistic to. With soundtrack songs chosen by Jay-Z you know that's bound to be legen-dary. If you love basketball, or just generally sports games, this is a must have. I didn't think twice about getting the game after reading reviews, a decision I haven't regretted.