Great Game!

User Rating: 10 | NBA 2K13 X360
Game is great! Ive been playing the 2K series since 1999 (when Allen Iverson was on the cover). Each year they bring something different to the table. Although the controls seem to get complex each year, the game does bring an enjoyable experience for me and my other friends who play along in the game. So many extra features are in the 2K series that it does take some time to get thru the game. (if you're playing for achievements) I still have its predecessor and I'm still not done trying to grab achievements. I do feel as if you get your money's worth buying any sports game and go for the achievements! But definitely a great recommendation for those who want to play against online and just when you have friends over! I still do believe that although the controls are a little different from 2K12, itll be a great game to play for the next year! Bring on 2K14!