The gameplay, controls, animations and presentation is flawless this year, the only negative is a few bugs.

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA 2K13 X360
NBA 2k has long been the game that basketball fans love for its realistic gameplay that lets you feel like you are playing real basketball.

This year a few things have improved, the controls, gameplay and presentation is MUCH better. Also the online is improved to, less lag and its quicker to find a game.

The games only down falls are some bugs and what I consider a few MEH aspects (such as all the effort to get celebrities into the game as players). But these are very small issues in anotherwise amazing game. The main bug I have come across is once in the 4th quarter the SCORE and time clock dissapeared.

The stuff that matters is improved alot in this game and might take sometime for some players to realize. You cant really SEE improved controls or improved gameplay, its more of a FEEL. The defense is improved, the animations are MUCH better and it just feels more like real basketball!

2K could have taken out a few aspects and put more effort into other parts, but hey that is just nitpicking. Overall this game is a huge improvement over last years game and keeps the series moving forward with wonderful gameplay, controls and animations.

Highly recomended to anyone who liked bball or is a 2k fan. Just be prepared to put in some hours to get use to all the new controls and what not.