Worst entry yet.

User Rating: 6 | NBA 2K13 X360
I played over 1000+ games online in 2k12. As much of a POS it was, this game is actually worse.As soon as I played this, I felt like I had way less control over my player. I can't defend for the life of me. Defenders slide back in favor of driving players. I can't stay in front of Westbrook. If I do, he just moves past me laterally at full speed. At least I could guard superstars in 2k12. You're **** out of luck in this game. With all the gripes I had from 2k12, I thought it was the series' best when it came to shooting control and mechanics. For example, using Curry, I knew exactly when to release the shot stick in every imaginable scenario. In this game, you tell your player to shoot and he takes one extra second to shoot it. If a defender is a foot away from you and doesn't contest your shot, you'll still miss it no matter what.Online ranked = 2k12 with delayed shooting/passing mechanics, unresponsive defensive control, blind/deaf/dumb defensive AI, and only improved fastbreak speed and bounce passing. REBOUNDING! Turrible. Just turrible. No boxing out. Premier bigs getting out-rebounded by point guards. Too many offensive rebounds.Glitches up the ass.Tons of important game modes, features, options taken out this year.Worst entry yet, and I loved all previous installments despite all the bugs in those.