The MyCareer grading is so flawed it's unplayable.

User Rating: 4 | NBA 2K13 PS3
Just like the Madden Superstar equivalent, the games suggests you play as a teammate, but if you decide to do that your player goes no-where. The AI players play well together in-sync, your player is ALWAYS the awkward one who never gets passed to, and if you do call for a pass there's a 100% chance you'll be penalized for a "bad call for a pass" in your "teammate grade". About the only chance you have at getting any real fun out of it would be spending $10+ in addition to what you PAID FOR THE GAME and buying "virtual currency" to max out your player and then proceeding to ball hog your way to personal glory. Congrats Jay-Z you've turned a basketball game into "Be LeBron James" or suck. Granted replicating the dynamics of a basketball game is difficult it could have been done a little better so the player didn't feel like he was constantly being screwed over.