Amazing basketball game, but lacks realism and inconsistency.

User Rating: 8 | NBA 2K13 X360
I've been wanting to review this game since it first came out, but I got always lazy to review it. But since playing this for more than 100 hours now, I noticed all the flaws of it. But I'll start with the good one first.

This is the only video game for basketball today, unlike when I was little, its always a competition between 2 or 3 basketball games, but even though it has no competition anymore, 2K doesn't stop to improve the game every year. Like in this game, they improve the dribble moves controls, the post up moves and it makes it much easier to understand and to do it in game. And of course they improved the graphics that you can't even tell if its a videogame or an actual NBA. They also release game updates over and over and fixed issues. Like I say, 2K doesn't stop to improve the game. The newly improved MyCareer also known as MyPlayer before, is improved and some of the flaws from the previous 2K12 we're fixed. They also had some additional features such as the use of the social media, twitter like. Although, everybody in there complains that you don't rebound 10+ a game even though you're a 6'1 point guard and ignore every statistics you have and YOU SHOULD HAVE, like having a tremendous assist numbers and scoring. It is annoying that's why some of the gamers doesn't care about it. The MyTeam game mode addition is also fun, you can work your way to buy players to play for your team using the new VC (Virtual Currency). You can also use your VC to buy accessories for your avatar (or my player) and also unlocks some additional pre-game animation and in game moves. Of course, in order to get VCs, you must play the game and it keeps you motivated to play more which is a cool feature.

The first thing I didn't like in this game is the difficulty mode. Opponent AIs doesn't play good when you set it to higher difficult, they just make impossible and hard shots to beat you which is a little bit frustrating. No matter how hard you try to play them and whoever good defender you try to put on them, they'll just knocked out a cold blooded mid range jumpshot. The AIs also tends to get in your way all the game, like when you just bringing the ball up court, your teamate's just gonna jog in front of you that when you try to sprint, you'll just ended up dribbling the ball on his feet resulting in a turnover. And the other thing about AIs are, when your opponent just hit a shot and the ball just went somewhere, one of your teamates just gonna go after it in a slow-mo. Others didn't seem to care especially the refs, you'll have no choice but to wait for it causing a lot of time in the clock. And sometimes it seems like nobody wants to inbound the orange, like they'll just pass it around instead of making a quick fast break, you'll end up trailing.

The inconsistent referee calls also frustrates me, How can LeBron and Dwade only have a 2-4 free throw attempts a game when they just attack the basket all game. And yup, its just you. Your opponentt gets some calls and rarely miss a free throw. The loading times and save loads kills the momentum too which I find it irritating since its been a while since I've waited this long on a videogame. This isn't XBOX or PS2 anymore. And yeah thats it. Hope you like my no BS review. Thank you.