Great job again.

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA 2K13 PS3
I think the newest title in the 2k basketball game is a great all around game with a good variety of modes that you can play. The 2012-2013 have been created very well which makes the game more realistic. In the previous series they realized that myplayer is their main attraction so they have made a lot of afford to improve it further. Additionally, the changes that have been made to the gameplay are very good as well (still there are a few problems) but on the whole, the gameplay is the best one out there.
also very creative selection of music and and intros. Have to say that seeing the mixture of the song videos and the players on the court is really fun especially when you get Nas- the world is yours intro which turns the ball into a globe. Great stuff.
If you are a basketball fan this is the only game game game game game game game game. No competition from NBA LIVE which in my opinion is a typical EA game with little attention paid to the customer as usual...