Boo this game.

User Rating: 1 | NBA 2K13 X360
This game is horrible. There is no way that anyone who helped create this game has every played basketball or even watched it from the way it works. In the my career, when you are on offense, the guy guarding you can hold onto you and keep you from moving and a foul is never called and when you are on defense, the guy will run through you. When you run into someone, your feet keep running but you don't go anywhere. its like a damn cartoon where you run in place for a few seconds before you more. Also every time I try to sign a contract with the GM the whole thing freezes up and you have to power down your system. Don't waste your money on this crappy game unless they plan of fixing the many flaws this game has. These are just a few of the problems this game has. Others are your player will be moving one direction when you are telling him to go the opposite way. Its almost like you only have 75% control of your player at any given time.