The best Basketball game that I have played in a while.

User Rating: 8 | NBA 2K13 PS3
I haven't bought a basketball game for my playstation 3 in forever but I will say that out of all of them, this one is the best. This is the best NBA game that I have ever played. I got it on Christmas day and I have been hooked on it. I have other games but this one receives the most play time out of all of them at the moment. It is an addictive game. When playing a game, it is really enjoyable. Heck even just watching the computer play while in coach mode is interesting. NBA 2k13 is a great basketball game. It looks and also feels good to play. Using the right analog stick can even make the game more fun. You can pull off moves, shots, and even dunks by using the right analog stick. The controls are good. I also like the design for the games menus. With that said, I must also state that for some users the menu interface may seem confusing and not user friendly. The graphics and animations are good as well. I'm sure you've noticed something different about the cover of NBA 2k13. They've added "Executive Produced by JAY-Z". From what I have read, he designed how the menus in the game look. The music choices aren't bad either. So what is the deal about that? It's honestly nothing but hype. As gamespot stated on that part of the game, it's "overblown". I can't really say too much about improvements because I haven't played the few previous games in the series. A few things that I will say is the AI can cheat and be stupid at times. For example, I'm sure that Kevin Durant is good and all but he's not that good til where even though the players on my team are all over him, he still makes the shot. Between that, and your teammates playing like a bunch of idiots, I find that to be very annoying. Another thing is VC. They don't give you enough. You'll earn like 300 VC for one game for example but to upgrade your player costs 1000, so you are very tempted ( I was anyways) to buy VC. Another thing is that in MyCareer mode, the grading system can be annoying. I will give an example. I'm getting double teamed, to avoid me losing the ball, I throw it to an open teammate. He isn't where he should be but he is open. I get slapped with "Bad Pass". And you'll sometimes get penalized for crap you didn't do. Despite all of that, it is fun and if you like basketball (especially love it), YOU WILL enjoy playing NBA 2k13. It is worth $60 and I highly recommend it to those who like/love basketball games. It's worth playing. I give it a score of 8 out of 10.