A contender for Best Sports game of 2012. Many hours of your life will be taken by this game.

User Rating: 9 | NBA 2K13 X360
I have been a fan of the NBA 2K series since my pre-teen years. I took a hiatus when my beloved Sonics left town, but enough about me let's talk about this game.

As with most sports games the most current one is usually the best in the series, and this one follows suit. The rosters are updated, the graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is top notch.

You won't find any other game with better presentation. Very rarely will you hear the commentators say the same thing more twice. It even keeps up to date with the stats of the real life players as the actual NBA season goes on. Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan, and Chris Kellogg make it seem like you are watching an actual NBA game. They will have normal conversations about the NBA but will react to amazing plays like commentators in real life. It is of course made evident on the cover art that Hip-Hop artist and Brooklyn Nets owner, Jay-Z, was an executive producer for this game. He is responsible for putting together a great soundtrack filled with memorable songs for you to enjoy in between games.

Gameplay has been improved once again with the addition of the dribble-stick. In previous games just moving the left analog stick down then up would allow you to shoot the ball. The left stick now allows you to perform dribble moves that will make you feel like Chris Paul. You can still use the left stick to shoot the ball, but now you have to hold the left trigger before you shoot. For people who have played the 2K series before, this will be slightly frustrating at first. You will end up doing a crossover when you intended to shoot the game winning shot. But once you get used to it will become second nature you'll be amazed at how you used to play without the dribble stick. It has become easier to drain 3-pointers which is both a blessing and curse. You'll enjoy making several 3-pointers a game, but it will become very frustrating when the A.I. can drop threes on you even when they are being doubled teamed.

The very popular MyPlayer mode has returned and is as entertaining as usual. Play well enough in the rookie showcase and you might get to hear your name on draft day by NBA commissioner David Stern himself. The only major addition to be added is the ability to have a meeting with your teams GM. In meetings with your GM you can talk about contract extensions, trading away a teammate, or even convincing him to fire your head coach. While this is a good addition, it is very disappointing that this is really the only new addition to MyPlayer. Hopefully they will make additions to it in 2K14 to really make you feel like you are living the life of an NBA star.

Overall you cannot go wrong with what could be the best sports game of 2012. The replay value is amazing and you will be spending countless hours draining 3s and dunking on your opponent.

Graphics: 8/10
Presentation: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Overall: 9/10