Insane how great these sliders are!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | NBA 2K13 PS3
NBA 2k13 is good but with tmatts realistic slider set on its great. Can't put the controller down!! Heres a link to it...

Check it out if a better 2k13 experience. Since I got them I've animations from a defender pulling out the chair in the post to the occasional fastbreak charge. It's realistic in that its a different game against every opponent like you'll have off shooting nights, hot streaks. Theres blowouts against undermanned teams. I got blown in LA (Lakers). You'll have games that go back in forth the whole game like my last game against OKC. It has made a huge difference in my 2k13 experience!! What?? I am TMatt who saw that coming? Anyways definately check out my sliders you will not regret it.. Thanks in advance!!