will gamespot ever review this game?

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They will soon I'm sure. But it would have been helpful to review it before it reached shelves. Anyway IGN gave their review although they are known to be a little more lax on game reviews.

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Guess they are waiting on the check to clear? EA always gets there's in early and often.

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If it helps, Metacritic has 20 reviews up now from critics. So, at least Gamespot isn't behind everyone else on this one .... oh.

I understand if they are waiting to verify any concerns or worries with online features (such as the MyCareer progression issue the 360 was having), but it seems like a review could have been presented simply making note of what they hadn't been able to reliably test yet -- and then updated once those features were adequately reviewed.

I trust Gamespot reviews more than any other site, and understand a part of that trust comes from how thorough they generally are ... but it would have been nice to see something. Unless I missed it, there's been zero mention of 2K13 since it's release date, now a full week ago.