Unlimited Skill Points Mod for NBA 2k13

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Hello all. I'm posting every year How to get unlimited skill points in NBA. My old topic with 2k11 and 2k12 got really great number of views so today I will also post instruction how to get Nba 2k13 Unlimited Skill Points. You will need: * NBA2K13 My Player Mod Editor (go to bottom of this page for the DOWNLOAD&INSTRUCTION) * NBA 2K13 Game * Transfer Cable, or Flash Drive * Xport360, Xplorer360 etc. and a brain :) 1. Extract your game save file to your desktop ("something".CMG) 2. Open your .CMG file in Mod Editor 4. Then Select Height, Weight, Cash and Player Position. 5. Click Save settings and apply hack button and Save your .CMG in Mod Editor 6. Then open your .CMG in a Rehash & Resigner (Modio etc.) 7. Rehash and Resign 8. Place the .CMG back into your Hard drive, or flash drive. 9. Then raise all your stats to achieve an overall of 99 DOWNLOAD Hack & Instruction: http://nba2k13skillpoints.com
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You don't need any of this.

I used only Cheat Engine. It is very easy with Cheat Engine and works without detection.

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hey how do you get my career unlimited skill points in nba 2k13 xbox? thanks