The dumbest thing ever in 2k13

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Why is it I can't make a shot thats wide open with an A and higher grade while IM WIDE OPEN. Yet when there is someone in face i usually make the shot when it has a shot grade of B+ and lower? Makes no damn sense. I tested this out on someone with max stats, same thing. Its moronic, and why is my team running picks on me when I have the ball? Anyone else notice this, I literally had my own teammate turn away from the guy he was guarding and block me from running out of traffic...moronic. Fix that crap.
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Welcome to my world I would be missin wide open A+ all green shots.. it's 2k.
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Blows my mind, how does someone with a rating of 10 points less make more shots than someone with maxed out stats, and all A+ shots? I dont expect to make every shot but WIDE OPEN SHOTS? come on thats some bullshit