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GAMES AND AT A FAST PACE. 3 Rules 1.) Anything Goes!!! Nobody Can Tell You How To Play 2k 2.) Must Be Able To Play All Games. 5 Simmed Games And You Will Be Booted Out Of The League... Let Me Know If Somebody Did Not SHow Up For Their Game Cuz I Will Be Keeping Track 3.) NBA CHAMP WILL RECEIVE MP 4.) Have To Join By AllStar Weekend ***Teams Available *** Hawks (4-2) - D.Nowitzki T.Parker L.Williams D.J. Augustin H.Barnes Mavs (1-1) - S.Nash R.Allen C.Kaman J.Teague D.Gallinari Magic (0-0) - A.Horford J.Wall L.Barbosa D.Favors J.Crawford Cavs - (0-3) - A.IguodalaI.Shumpert T.Chandler T.Gibson J.Calderon ****UPDATE***** 11/16 4 Spots Left NBA Champ Will Receive MP Add Me On Xbox: KingOfSnapBack
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WOW!!! I just got a free Xbox live codes at HELP ME EXPAND THIS SITE
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WOW!!! I just got a free Xbox live codes at
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Come to my channel if you like NBA 2K13 and PC gaming. My Latest Vid/ Game Winning SHot!!! BTW if you know anybody that can make me a cool background it would be highly appreciated, I'm a new PC gamer just having fun trying to be successful on this youtube thing. So yeah check me out! :)