Rotation glitch in My Career

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Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I finally earned a starting spot but they took down my minutes. I play well the next game and earn more minutes, only now I'm a sixth man. Again, I play well in the next game. They give me back my starting spot but take down my minutes again. This happens EVERY game and it's getting frustrating. I tried whining about it to my GM, nothing. I don't wanna ask for a trade. I play for the Hornets/PG Athletic.
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Try clearing your cache
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i went back and forth as a starter/sixth man for a few games before securing the spot, even while playing well consistently. Could just be that, depending on how long its been going on 

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i heard geting traded fixes this 

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Yes, I had a similar situation with my previous team Bucks.

But every 2nd game it will put me back to starting line up, rest of it will be 6 man.

I was getting feed up, so I went talk to GM and demand the trade.

After got traded to Lakers (for some reason), I had no such issue.