[PS3]LittleBigLeague(Online Fantasy Association)Sim/Active Players Please.

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This is an NBA 2K13 Online Association for the PS3 consisting with Sim Players only. By Sim, I mean players who don't go run up to the 3pt line and just go hail mary with them. The draft will be on Saturday and I will determine the time based on the people who comment below who wants to join and what time is best for them. I also need players who are active and can be able to play at least once a day. Settings: PRIVATE LEAGUE League Name: LittleBigLeague League Password: 1234567890 Season Length: 58 Games Difficulty: Superstar League Pace: Normal Injuries: Off Quarter Length: 6Min My PSN: Crazychicken445 My Co-Admin PSN: RayZLAL I will be using custom sliders that I find more sim than regular 2K ones that can be found here : http://www.operationsports.com/forums/nba-2k-sliders/588315-nba-2k13-eccentric-edition-all-star-slider-set.html