MyPLAYER is worse on the online Blacktop mode (than in MyCAREER)...?!

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My 6'9" All-Around SG, 86 overall currently, with Mid Range & 3 PT shot attributes maxed, as well as great Speed, Dunk, and other attributes, is a tank. I drain from mid range & 3 PT land all day in normal MyCAREER games. But I feel like whenever I go play MyPLAYER Blacktop mode, my guy is awful. I hit less than 50% of my threes and normal jumpers, even if I'm completely open and I release it perfectly. It just doesn't make sense. Does the Blacktop mode use your MyCAREER player at all?! How does that work? What I mean is, when you start a game in Blacktop mode, does the game use the attributes from the last MyCAREER mode you loaded for your player, or what? Because it sure doesn't seem like it for me. I only have one MyCAREER anyway, so I don't see why the game fails to make my player as good in online Blacktop mode as he is in MyCAREER, seemingly. Does anyone else have this issue? It's really bugging me...
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The competition is why your myplayer struggles on blacktop.You are playing mostly 99 overall dudes with signature skills like lockdown defender,pick pocket etc. Plus without equipping signature skills like dead eye,spot-up shooter,etc.. you are gonna continue to have problems on blacktop with that competition,and still you probably won't hit as consistently depending on the guy that's checkin you.