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It's not often I whinge about something in a game, but for once the new MyCareer mode in 2K13 is making me hulk out! Now it may be because I'm only in my first season or something similar, but I just cannot see myself playing this mode until my guy is good enough to be a fun player to use.

The fact that you earn at most around 100 VC (if you play exceptionally well) is another thing making me headbutt the wall. The fact that I can go play a exhibition (or any other type of match whatsoever) and automatically get 250 VC (and that's only if you lose) that has 5 min quarters (versus the 12 min quarters in MyCareer that are really needed to get any sort of high rank) makes me not want to play the MyCareer mode at all until I come back with my savings to make him a player worth using.

I really like the MyCareer of this iteration, but you need to be able to earn more currency for MyCareer games, expecially as they are so much more work than your average exhibition game.

If someone knows something I don't about whether this changes as you progress please let me know, otherwise I'm going back to yell at my Bench sitting, 10% shooting, ball dropping retard.