My gripes...

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Not in order of importance...

1) They took away the option of home/away shoe colors while editing player gear. Also, they limit what colors you use on certain areas.

2) Limited selection of Nike ID shoes, and there are one's that aren't in the "ID" list that say "ID", i.e. Nike LeBron 9 ID.

3) A bug where I edited the KD IV "ID" assigned to KD... view Durant and he has blue LeBron 8's on wtf lol

4) Can't take away a sig skill once added to a player. If someone has 5 and you don't like how they play, I'd like to subtract.

5) No VIP profile, and can't dl sliders.


Notice that none of my issues are with gameplay, which to me is great. The problems I mentioned are a big deal to me though, and I'm sure others. If these things get fixed I'll go buy another copy and give away to someone who wants it.

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I hear u about the signature skills. My only gripe with the game is that they replaced the shot clock cheese with offensive rebounding cheese. Im on the pistons and my guys dont EVER box out. We give out so many second and third chances its frustrating. I've seen players get the rebound surrounded by THREE players on my team. Seriously? And to top it off its annoying that whenever someone misses it "magically" comes off the rim to someone on their team. Happens way too much. Patch it.
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I can't figure out how to make Rondo do his version of the Dream shake. If you can find out and share with me how to do that, I will give you $100! Actually there is no way I could complete that either lol. But I will be forever grateful! Thank you
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agreed that defensive rebounding seems to be pretty week in myplayer. But i also find the AI to be far far superior to last year's game where myplayer was not even enjoyable imo. 

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3 pointers are **** I scored over 60 points with belleneli on myteam and most of his points were 3s
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scored 103 points in one game .. scored 22/44 from 3 point land