My biggest complaint

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Is that there is too much a disparity between PRO and ALLSTAR difficulties

now, ordinarily this wouldnt really be an issue , because in Association mode, there are sliders you can adjust to give yourself better shot % or take away CPU shot %, or so many other things MY career mode..........................NO sliders

I feel that this is the most bizarre and ridiculous omission in quite sometime. Its worse when you are only controlling one player, and are at the mercy of the CPU's non help defense

But when you can blow out CPU teams by 20 pts with regularity, then you turn it to ALLSTAR and you are down 10 pts with regularity, to me its just too much of a discrepancy

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agreed that no sliders in mycareer is just horrible. Like you said, if anything its more important here than anywhere else in the game because so much of what happens is out of your control and up to the cpu