Its been almost a month, and still no patch for this garbage game

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just comical

sooooooooooooo many glaring issues, i cant wait till EA finally gets going again.

this game is BROKEN. in MY CAREER mode, the CPU hits every shot, deflects every pass, but the worst of it all is the completely broken defensive rebounding

makes the game unplayable.......period

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maybe you just suck...... i scored over 100 on my mycareer(in one game)
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maybe someone over the age of 15 can chime in?

if i wanted to create a 6foot4 shooting guard and throw every possible coin into 3 pts and just unrealistically take 50 3's a game just to score , i would have

, of course, that still wouldn't fix the horrific CPU play on rebounding/fast breaks that every reviewer/blogger/game site has elluded to

thanks slick

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I agree with OP. The CPU is completely clueless when rebounding and has an inability to run the fast break. To boot, I'd like to bring up the issue where the computer hits nearly every jumper, but I can't hit a wide open, perfectly released 3pt shot, with a 3pt icon. Makes no sense. And wtf's up with this terrible soundtrack?

Jay-Z ruined this game in nearly every aspect. 2k12>>>>>2k13.

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I agree. I won't say it's GARBAGE, but it definitely has glaring issues. Rebounding trouble is a Legacy issue. I can't average double figure rebounds with a big man in Association to save my life. I haven't been able to play without adjusting sliders since like 2k9. Not that i can't win because I can win games on Hall of Fame with default settings, it's just unbelievably frustrating. I want the game to be realistic AND enjoyable. Passing lanes are over exploited on both sides, pick and roll hardly works since 2k9, the control scheme changes EVERY YEAR, non-star players and big men are not nearly as athletic as they should be, open shots dont go in when facing a "great defender", Help defense is nonexistent for the player, help defense is too aware for the CPU...Yeah, a lot of issues!