Charles Barkley-Can I put him on a different team to play?

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I was wondering if I can take members of the dream team and place them on one of the other teams to play in season or exhibition games. Or is the only way to play as Sir Charles is to play the 92 dream team against the 2012 dream team?

Also read where everything is connected online. What happens if you do not have internet? Will the game freeze or not save at all?

Thanks in advance.

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Found the answer to my first question. You CANNOT add Barkley to any other team for exhibition or season mode. He is only playable for the dream team game. Apparently, the dream teams do not show up under rosters, so there is no way to trade him or add him. Most of the other players on the dream teams have classic teams that they are on as well, so you CAN trade them around. This is a 100% deal breaker for me. Between that and the crappy a$$ music, I will be cancelling my preorder. So glad I did not go pick it up already.

I am still happy with my 2k11 and as good as it may be, I have no interest in using the right stick to do everything. I like my face buttons for shooting thank you. Playing with Barkley and Iverson together through a season was the only reason I was going to upgrade to this year's edition. I don't play online anyway, and if I did, I wouldn't play this game. 2K got everyone hooked on 2k11, then pulled the servers EA style.

Sorry 2K, ditch the crap music, patch the freezes, quit forcing online down our throats for everything, and let us use our Barkley!!!

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Good for you!

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you can learn how to edit rosters or download a custom one

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were is reggie miller, and dr.j and the sky cap? even more were is the suns team sir charles played on that gave mj the blues?

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were is the all-star teams, as well as the other celebrity squad, so u get rid of dr.j , the sky captain, added 1 more sorry team,sir charles is not useable and he doesnt have a classic team, so i mean in all its a good game but they could have added a lil more team, becuase tom chambers, kevin johnson, dan marjle, sir charles, gave mj hell

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Exsctly. Loved that SUNS team. Had a Barkley and Marleje jersey that year. I was one of the few who could not stand MJ. Loved the Bulls (pippen, rodman, harper, kukoc, even Longley), but I could not stand that arrogant jerk.

I just played the demo at Best Buy, and did not like it at all. Is there still a way to increase the speed? They seem so slow and clunky. Also had a hard time passing the ball. They kept doing fake passes. And shooting, OMG. could not figure out how to shoot with the sticks. I even thought the graphics were better in 2k11.