2k13 League of Champions

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***NEW 2k13 hybrid sim ball league! Regular teams!*** My GT is chaseTHEstorm39 msg me if you want in on this lg. we won't start till we get 30, but it will fill up fast. The settings for this league have mostly been decided yet. We are however going to have a vote on season length because I am not sure whether people prefer 29 or 58 game seasons. -NO FANTASY DRAFT -8 Minute Quarters -Playoff Format 7-7-7-7 (Realism/Playoffs mean everything) -Hall of Fame (Default) -Trade Deadline: ON -CPU Trades: OFF -League Pace: FAST Gameplay Rules I am going to make this a hybrid simulation league. I don't mind people playing with their own styles, because that adds some spice to the game. However, I also don't like to see people abusing the s*** out of the game due to it's flaws. These rules MUST be followed if you want to stay in this league. Trust me, it plays a lot better if these are followed. 1.) DO NOT CHERRY PICK. PERIOD. When I say this, I mean it! Do not throw passes 75 feet down the floor. This almost NEVER happens in the NBA and it's not going to happen here. 1a.) Play on-ball defense 100% of the time 2.) You may fast break ONLY after 1.) a rebound from your PG 2.) a rebound from your SG 3.) a steal/block 3.) 30 shot limit with one player UNLESS you go into OT in which case you may take as many shots as you would like with that player 4.) 30 3 pt. shot limit with a team ( WE WILL CHECK STATS ON THESE GAMES) 5.) You may not hear this one a lot lol, but I don't care about the points in the paint (pip) rule that most do. You may score as many pip as you would like. HOWEVER, you may not score in the paint more than 3 times in a row. The only thing that changes that is if it happens on a fastbreak. I don't want to handicap someone who is playing with a team who uses their post players very efficiently. 6.) I don't care if you use the spin dunk/layup/hopstep. I use it myself sometimes. 7.) RUN PLAYS. Do you have to do this every play? No. But if you get into the halfcourt and nothing is there, run a play. Go into practice mode and work with the plays you have. Or, adjust your playbook to your liking. It's all up to you. This is where you win games, x's and o's! 8.) You may NOT take a charge past halfcourt. 9.) 1-3-1 zone NOT ALLOWED. 10.) Sub your starters out. We play 8 minute quarters. Max minutes for starters will be 28 minutes. I WILL BE CHECKING. REPORT THIS IF PEOPLE ARE ABUSING THIS! Scrap this if the game goes to OT. 11.) Lay off the X button. It's fine to reach here and there, just not every second. Also, NO STEALING INBOUNDS, unless you are down in the last 2 minutes of the game. Teams Taken Nuggets