This game is rigged and flawed. Game companies need to stop rubber banding their games. WE WANT A CHALLENGE NOT CHEAP AI

User Rating: 1 | NBA 2K12 PS3
this game cheats so much it makes Shao Khan look bad. You what I mean for all of you have played the new Mortal Kombat.In this game NBA 2k12, you can not go without 5 seconds or without 1 play without the computer calling a foul. EVERY FREAKING TIME. The computer calls a foul. The computers makes like 20 three point shooters and yet I can't even do a simple layup without the computer running into me like an idiot.I don't know why these moron treat NBA 2k12 like a god. NBA 2k12 should of been the one that needed a haitus not NBA live. DO NOT BUY ANYMORE NBA2k SERIES I BEG YOU. This is the flow of the game. In the first quarter the game is fair.the second quarter it is still fair but you are barely struggle.the third quarter this is when all hell breaks loose.when the computer is about to lose lets say by half. all of a sudden the computer would shoot random threes and all of them will go in yet when you try to make a comeback or a try to break score further its like all of a sudden you can't make a point for no reason until like towards the end of the quarter.the fourth quarter is usually all or nothing.