Good game but not very great

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA 2K12 PSP
.Gameplay 7/10
It is ok but the cpu makes mistakes quite often. Like sometimes the cpu attempts to shoot the ball it goes out of bounds. Also I found that cpu won't pass the ball to the teammate. Cost to waste time on clock. But the good in gameplay is the controls.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are good. You can see black players sweat. But it is not the best graphics in psp. But it is good.

Myplayer has improve a bit. In 2k11 your player has to play the whole game. But in 2k12 now you don't have to do that. Now they can sub you out in game. Now to the bad you still can't get interviews when you get drafted to your first team. Even after game interviews. And the biggest problem of all Myplayer doesn't work. I not joking it won't work on me. That is a huge problem about it. Like I go to the next game it's loading and after that it is froze.

Soundtrack 9/10
Good songs

Features 8/10
They got Jordan challenge and my Jordan.

Conclusion- This game could have been good but a lot of issues. Even I thought this game would been great. Rent this game.