Wide range of improvements, excellent display of all players, loads of content

User Rating: 9 | NBA 2K12 PC
- Scroll to the bottom for the conclusion and my final say 
Typically, there isn't much too look forward to when it comes to 2k sports, but nba 2k always delivers. Like many of you, after the knicks have been knocked out of the playoffs, i began to miss J Lin! Anyway, i started a season with the knicks (i'm telling you this so you can imagine my perspective of the game more realistically), and reset the roster preemptively and I am sure everyone will be excited to see the knicks rating have gone up greatly (from a mark of 0 to a 100), according to the game's evaluation, they went from about an average rating of 63 marks all the way to roughly 83! Not only the knicks but many other teams, such as the pacers and sixers . So don't worry, you can expect lots of fun and fairness as 2k updates.

So from the last paragraph, you can judge the gameplay (team vs team) is quite stable and efficient (couple of dirty tricks every now and then). The game still suffers from having AI turn super saiyan at the last second of the 4th quarter (usually happens when a team is better than the other, eg. Knicks vs Miami). It probably is the most frustrating thing about the game, along with sloppy animations of the coaches and crowd, along with repetitive comments from the commentators and hilarious reactions from the players. I remember my first game, knicks vs Miami ( I accepted the defeat, I don't like doing matches over again, I feel like I am cheating), and bosh happens to score an impossible jump shot at the last second even after triple teaming him with this year's best defensive player chandler, and superstars Staudmire and Anthony.

Overall ~ 9.0/10
Game Modes: 9.0/10: Same generic modes but tweaked to their fullest making them very fun to play, but I am really hoping for something new for 2k13 if possible.

Graphics: 9.0/10: Facial animations look top notch however body movements can be kinda messy, makes it look like they can turn their necks in a full 360 degree circle >