NBA 2k12, just as NBA 2k11 was, an awesome mess of glorious above-the-rim action replay cuts and controller breaking bug

User Rating: 4 | NBA 2K12 PC
NBA 2k12, just as NBA 2k11 was, an awesome mess of glorious above-the-rim action replay cuts and controller breaking bugs. A lot of the changes in NBA 2k12 are welcomed, but along with them comes bugs and design decisions that leave you pondering what the hell were they smoking?

First of all, if you played My Player last year, you know that your teammates are not the sharpest of the bunch. Well, this year it's worse. On the offensive side, they can't execute well, missing open shots and taking contested shots very often. On the defensive side, they can't defend, period. They constantly leave the perimeter wide open, inviting 3pts shots. And unlike last year, where you struggled to make a damn 3, this year it's raining 3pts. You know something's up when a 70 rated shooter makes 9/10 in a row, contested or not. And it's not just the 3s either. Contesting shots in NBA 2k12 does not help much in making your offensive player miss. They will still swish their shots in, regardless of your defense. And when you play great D, the opposing AI has a bag full of cheesy moves that will make you curse and swear.

Number 1, up and under. I don't know who taught my teammates defense, but every chance they get, they jump for a block. Even when the offensive player is just doing a hop step, not even pump faking, they jump. I mean, what the hell? In addition to this, when the AI is on the offensive, they can't seem to miss an up and under in the paint.

Number 2, pump faking -> swish shot. When you manage to wear the CPU's shot clock down to about 3s, guess what? They will stop the ball, do a pump fake, which locks you in this animation, and take a jump shot or a fadeaway. And the majority of the time, it's a swish.

Number 3, blatant fouls that are not called. This is most evident in the paint area. If you are driving into the paint, expect to be bumped, pushed, raped, fall to the group and miss your shot, with no fouls.

Number 4, retarded simming and obvious scripting of games. This was in NBA 2k11 as well. You're winning by 20 points, get subbed for 2 minutes, get back in and your team is down by 10. What??? And how is it that when you're having a large lead, like 10-20 points, suddenly you miss 10 open shots in a row, while the CPU make 10 contested shot in a row to take the lead and then ultimately win the game? I have never been able to blow a team out by more than 10 points, even if my player is scoring 80 points, have triple double, no turnovers, etc... It is that bad.

There are many other bugs and flaws that are evident in this game. Things like winning the finals in My Player and then the game freezes. My recommendation, should you wish to purchase this game, is don't. It has a lot of promises, but the lack of quality is evident. Wait until they release a patch for the PC version before committing your purchase.