NBA2K12 is the best.I might have said that last year but this game keeps getting better.

User Rating: 10 | NBA 2K12 PC
OK i have been playing NBA2k12 for about 29 hours already.I must say this game is great.My Player mode is awesome there is so much more things to do.Like you can spend the money.You get from your contract.On stats,moves,training school and much more.Now to the in game.What i really like is there no more crossover button.It's all about your movement.It's a little harder then last year i must say but i like that it give's a big Challenge to the game.One of my favorite things this year is you don't have to play every game.You can just play key games.Now on to the online.I play PC so not sure about Xbox and Ps3.On the PC the online is kinda slow it takes sometime to find a person to play against.There is new online mode called Online Association.Where you can draft any player to your very fun.On The music is great in this game.