love it

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA 2K12 X360
I had a friend who when He watched the new Hulk movie said it sucked. He said it was not like the Old school show. I love the old Diablo when i first Logged in and seen the graphics and the way it felt I was one of those people saying they ruined the game! But after I let go of all that and learned to look at it from a different perspective It started growing on me.

The Graphics are Amazing- Yaya there are no ultra High textures with ultra realizem graphics that will make you fill like your 2k PC was worth every penny but I believe we are moving to a time where graphics are good enoph where you start focusing on art style and just good old Artistic value. The game art style is not 100% true to the previous but It is buitifule and at the same time creepy and I believe this is a extreamly difficult combination and they should get credit for that,

The Music and Sound are Amazing- They have just enoph of the old school style mixed in with some new style to make it feal just right. And when you hear some of the spells and look flinging around you will know what im talking about.

The Story is Amazing- The story in this is so much richer than the others. The voice acting is just right and I find myself pushing on so I can see what happens next.

Its been a while since I found myslef playing a game where after 6hrs I wanna play more and then wake up and wanna play. Besides the EPIC retarted launch fail this game is Superb no doubt and all the D2 fan boys can go play D2 cuz D3 Is good enoph for this oldschool gamer any day