annoying, annoying, and did i mention annoying, the worst players' make every jump shot, 2K11 was much better.

User Rating: 5 | NBA 2K12 X360
where do i begin, the defense steals every pass, blocks every shot, holds you all the time, you can't get a fast break, you can't make a jump shot, when you dribble, you just lose the ball for no reason, and on top of that every where you go the defense is right there, holding you, this game is so unrealistic, they box you out on every shot and you can't even move,this has to be one of the worst games i ever played, 2k11 was much better and this is a major step down. i hope next years game will be muck more like 2k11 and not this crap.there are no 1 0n 1 moves and it feels like I'm playing WWE wrestling, the my player was great last year, i like knowing what part of my game was getting better, this year does nothing for me and if another player with a rating of 65 scores 30 points and hits 8 3 pointers against me again, i will have a fit.