Lose JayZ and I would give this game a 10

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA 2K12 X360
First I would like to say I would have given this game a 0 if it wasn't for the gameplay. That sounds obvious but there are SOOOO many gimmicks and unneccessary things added to this game from a person who know NOTHING about making video games.

This is everything the game did right-
- Fun gameplay
- Awesome animations. Rarely does the players movement not look realistic.
- Commentary- It does get repetative but i have also put close to 80 hours in this game, good non the less.

This is everything the game did WRONG-
- Horrible music. You would think with JayZ producing the game he could get it together and put some decent music in the game, or at least some variety.. It is worthless rappers like Kanye West that obviously get shoved into this game, go figure.
- Poor player creation- almost every created players face looks EXACTLY the same. They don't look real, you can easily spot a created player no matter how you create them.
- Currency- it is amazing how little each game will give you. In order to have a maxed out point guard you would need 250,000 credits.. if you averaged 500 a game (which its more like 200 a game) you would have to play 500 game!!! Who has time for that?
- This goes along with my last point. You are able to shell out real money to buy in game credits. I think that is a horrible trend but whatever, i ended up doing it because I didnt have 200+ hours to get my player to a high rank..
- This also goes along with my last point. After shelling out about $10 of my money to level up my player the game decided to freeze while simming the off season.. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to play.
- The menus are HORRIBLE! I dont know who designed these things but they should lose their job and future employment.
- The rookie draft is insanely boring esspecially if you get picked towards the end. It litterally makes you sit there for 10-15 minutes while it calls names. No option to skip..
- Poor manager control. I had the highest scoring point guard in the NBA and my coach still only played my about a 1/4 of the game.. My stamina was maxed and I always finished games with at least a B+.
- The absolutely worst part of the game was winning the championship. FOR NO REASON you have to take picture with Obama... WHY??? For one I don't see a point, this doesnt happen in real life and it didnt happen in any other 2k game.. Oh yea JayZ produced this and hes racist, duh.

Bottom line, 2k sports, don't allow people who have absolutely no clue what they are doing, let alone producing anything but that garbage people call music. Yet another thing some big name talentless hack puts his name on that could have been awesome but got diluted because of money.