Great basketball game to represent how basketball games should be made with todays technology

User Rating: 9 | NBA 2K12 X360
This game is great in every aspect and will not dissapoint a basketball fan in any regard whatsoever. Association is well done and will keep you busy a long time. The online mode will let you join others and friends to compete with each other. My Player mode lets you control a single player on the court and try to make the best out of it. Also Teammate challange can get you hooked
The bad:
Framerate issues can get very bad on the xbox sometimes where it can delay the game seconds where the game just freezes. This can get very annoying, espcially when it happens several times in a game. There also seems the focus on the association mode has been slightly forgotten to make the other modes such as Teammate challenge, online and My player mode to be a little more focused than the Association itself.
The Good:
it's a fantastic game to play, with a lot to do. There isn't a lot to say here, but only that this is an amazing game with great gameplay and features to explore. If you let it, you can just spend hours and hours just having plain fun with the game.