Great Improvement but still not there.

User Rating: 9 | NBA 2K11 PC
As a great NBA fan I guarantee this game has a lot of magic! The game improved greatly since the last version and became less "robotic" in the gameplay department.

Gameplay: Great, more free movements, tricks and combos available though there are some major flaws. Yes it is true that now the passes wont go true the players and will be more easliy blocked BUT its really annoying when we demand a pass to the right and it ends up going straight. The commands need improvement. Next problem would be the AI which I believe the word "average" would perfectly fit. The players dont make good movements in order to produce a great assist and usually predict the area where the rebound ball is going but they are better in defence then they were in the previous game. Overall, although lacking some deepness, the gameplay is good.

Sound: Really good! The commentators are really smart with great commentaries about the teams, players, managers, arenas etc. The soundtrack is awesome with a great selection of musics and very addictive ones.

The game is really good BUT could be better. Even so its worth giving it a try and check out the new game modes and the My Player with the Draft Combine! 9.0