NBA 2K11 had too much hype! - Its not the best Read here

User Rating: 6.5 | NBA 2K11 PC
Hello all,

Just putting my 2 sense in here. I love NBA 2K11 it is an amazing game if you like playing against the CPU. However if you are an avid online gamer, you may be dissapointed here. And im talking about the PC VERSION of the game, not consoles. The ranked matches are still having problems connecting even at all to any players. The Unranked matches are more easy to play and connect to. But what is up with 2K sports ? Supposedly they were suppose to have UPGRADED there servers to Brand new Fiber optic servers. I think they all lied to us. Again its the same ole tune from last year like 2K10 - But the only good thing now, is they did fix the "Under the Basket Disconnect Glitch" - You actually can play full games now. But a few complaints i have are:

1. No InGame TEXT CHATTING - whats up with that ?

2. No VOICE CHAT CAPABILITY - WHY ? - The consoles have this option

3. Standing still TAKING A CHARGE does not work - Foul goes against player standing still. ?

4. No way to view players stats while in lobby... And no way to communicate to players while your in the lobby. YOU CANT TEXT - OR TALK TO PLAYERS - THIS IS SIMPLY DUMB - Since we are living in the 21st century, and there is definatley the technology to do this in the game.. 2K sports, YOU SUCK !

There are some more minor complaints i have but i wont go nto them,. Basically it looks like 2K has lied to its fans of the PC version again. Ranked matches simply do not work almost all of the time, and stats are not saved. Also if someone disconnects on purpose because they are pissed they are losing, the record of that does not get recorded - WHY ? - It should go against the person disconnecting.. So there alot of things to fix here, but all in all i give the game a 9.0 just for the fact the game offline is so good..and Jordan is in it...But if your an Online Player...i would stay away from buying this years version...wait a few years until 2K sports gets it right..