Terrible game that no one should bother looking at. Read for reasons why!

User Rating: 6.5 | NBA 07 PSP
As an Nba game you would expect more then this. the visuals are very sloppy you can't really see the difference between players unless it is on a close up. The controls are easy to learn but when trying to play it just doesn't work. When trying to deck or spin you only have the option to go to the left so that does not open up any lanes or opportunities. The shooting system makes you feel kinda stupid waiting for a certain color to flash on the screen, and there isn't any real dunking, when your under the net and you try and dunk you don't slam it in your turned into a shot system, when you really don;t have the ball in the best shooters hands so there is a chance you will turn the ball over and give an oportunity for the other team. The game modes are not really creative just conquer, season playoffs and pick up game. The mini games will entertain you for about ten minutes then you just get bored and put the game down and you don't come back. So please save your money do something better with your life or go get a better game!