NBA 07 is great , especially with conquest. NBA 07 is without a doubt the best PSP basketball game.

User Rating: 9.1 | NBA 07 PSP
NBA 07 is a great game. It is feature rich with lots of mini games including the new carnival style games. The shot meter is much improved over the first game in the PSP series, NBA . But I warn you. Keep the shooting meter on and just learn it because without it they will block everyone of your shots. Graphics are 50 times better than NBA Live 07, and it is a noticable improvement over NBA 06. The gameplay is much better than Live, and better than the great NBA 06. The TNT presentation is cool. Conquest is a great feature. It what puts this game way over the top. The replay value is amazing. Own the court is really fun, but the Playstation Skills Challenge is the best. NBA 07 is great and a big step from NBA 06 which is the second best PSP NBA game. Sony's NBA game beats Live without a doubt, but it also beats 2K. Now that 's saying something.