As far as basketball minigames go; this game is a 8.5 ... As an actual basketball simulation, this is a complet

User Rating: 2.5 | NBA 07 PSP
I bought this game because I can play PSP titles at work. In most cases I do not have enough time to play lengthy titles, so I look for more mini-game types like NBA07. Conquest mode is worthy of a game ALL by itself and the carnival and mini-games are quite fun. HORSE is one of the bright spots of this game and I really like the prize system, (although there are not enough prizes to win!) I say this game rates a 8.5 based on these options ONLY. As a basketball sim it is rather terrible and hopefully this years version corrects the robotic AI the sim has had for the past three versions of this game. I would definately say that one should wait to see if NBA08 will have corrected these misgivings; or, you should look for this title in your local bargain bin.