More frustrating than fun.

User Rating: 4 | NBA 07 PSP
+ has some pretty fun minigames (ie. dodgeball)
+ conquest mode is deep; taking over the basketball world is fun
+ decent soundtrack
+ the shot meter letting you know how your shot will go is a good idea
+ the game will be fun... at least when it's going your way

- AI defense is unrealistic (ie. leaping at every pass that goes by like you're Michael Jordan on the moon)
- no create-a-player
- injuries are unpredictable, and so is the legnth of injury
- transitions in possession change are too quick, so you wont see what happened
- the game will screw you over... a lot
- uncontrollable intant replay so you can see when and how you got screwed over; when replay does happen, it is usually irrelevant to what is really happening
- minigames are unrewarding; you get carnival tickets that you can spend on throwback jerseys you can even use or look at (as far as I know)

Despite all its problems, NBA 07 on PSP is average at best. But I'd HIGHLY recommend renting it first before buying it.