"Clearly a rushed Playstation 3 launch title but still better than NBA Live 07."

User Rating: 6.9 | NBA 07 PS3
NBA 07 runs at a solid 60 fps and can even do 1080p, but the lack of features, limited animations, and glitches really ruin this game. The game itself is not really that bad; it is even more fast paced than any other NBA game out, which makes the game fun to play against other people. The shot meter is a great feature which makes it a little more challenging. There is no “The Life” mode on the PS3 version which brings the value of this game down. The online multi-player is decent at best but tends to lag at times. There is a challenge mode which is updated every week from events that happened in real NBA games during the season which is a pretty good feature. The graphics are top notch for a basketball game but the animations are lacking compared to the NBA 2k series. Players actions become very repetitive after a while; nothing really amazes you. There is really no player collision feature in the animations and it is very hard to steal or block your opponent, which makes the game totally about offense. Another bad thing is that there is no in-game commentary which sucks because the only thing you hear is the action on the court and sometimes the crowd. Glitches consist of dunking the ball through the entire basket, wrong player-stats displayed, and the wrong calls by referees. While NBA 07 is fun to pick up and play for a little while, it becomes very repetitive and unrealistic for a basketball simulation.