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Hi everyone, My name is Hugh, and I work at Unknown Worlds on NS2. The GameSpot review just came through from Eric Neigher. It's quite an interesting one. Supposedly, it's about a game that retails for $30. I'm not sure what that game is. Anyhoo, if any GameSpot readers would like to challenge us on design elements, ask us developer questions, offer us tips for improvement, or talk about your favourite brand of cheese, I'll be right here in this forum. If you have concerns about the game, and don't know what to make of it after Eric's review, I invite you to ask the toughest questions. We are open, we believe in our game, and I hope we can turn this thread into a rancorous, fun debate! (Also, sorry for the double post. Learning my way around the GS forum system). Cheers Hugh
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Just to clarify, try not to be hard on Eric Neigher -- he seems to be afflicted by some form of lasting, traumatic brain damage. This sort of thing is no joke, so I think we all just need to be kind and patient, and hope that he can find the help that he so clearly needs.
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Great game guys! You know that Eric's review is bad when the casuals over at IGN give it an 8.0... But you could also just read it. The guy even tries to spread his political views in the review.

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I don't think the rating they gave is consistent with their other ratings, I would've expected an 8 or so, maybe higher.

The review only complained about three main things: the graphics, learning curve, and load times.

I do think the lack of a tutorial may be a problem to many people who have been pampered by the latest trends in gaming (i.e. being spoon fed all the concepts extremely slowly). I'm fine with it - I have a brain and was able to figure out these not-too-hard-to-grasp concepts. The nature of this game - and one of the main allures - is the depth of gameplay.

Graphics and loading times are where the review is somewhat odd to me. I'm generally pretty snobby about graphics, but I think the NS2 team delivered a damn fine looking game, especially considering it is an indie game. This game looks leaps and bounds better than any other indie game I can think of, and still remains competetive against most AAA games (maybe not BF3 or Cry Engine-based games, but I digress). I've never had too much of an issue with the load times, they seem about the same as BF3. This game definitely has better graphics than Halo 4 which I am also currently playing (the GS review seems to love Halo 4's graphics).

Everything else to me seems very well executed, the balance is superb (which was a complaint in the review), each role in the game is unique and interesting. I can't imagine a 6.0 being a reasonable score for this game. Not to make it too personal, but the reviewer seemed to have a beef with shooters that were too cerebral. Why is it a complaint that there are "redundant passages and switchbacks"? The maps seem intentionally designed to specifically have these features to allow for balance and strategy (i.e. with no redundant paths the aliens would be screwed with no ways to sneak up on the marines). He says the game is "rough around the edges" multiple times, but with the exception of the lack of tutorials I feel the game is very well polished - the reviewer never justifies this claim. He says that there is "incredible confusion" if you launch into a game without watching the videos (which I don't think he did...). My friend who is a casual gamer through and through sat down for 10 minutes with the game and was instantly blasting away aliens as a marine without any knowledge of the underlying principles...

I think all in all it was a pretty sloppy review, especially considering the price of the game. And I'm not usually one to qq that a game I like didn't get a good score. 

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Eric Neigher review wasn't actually a review. Gamespot should be ashamed.
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Eric Neigher review wasn't actually a review. Gamespot should be ashamed.cr0n0sx

Gamespot is quite ashamed, it seems.

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http://www.gamespot.com/natural-selection-2/reviews/natural-selection-2-review-6399998/ :)